Personalized Enterprise Search Solutions

Intelligent search solutions increase competitiveness and improve user-friendliness of online platforms.

“What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?” Every web user who has bought something online is familiar with this statement – made possible by an Enterprise search- and recommendation solution that helps companies provide user-friendly online navigation for shop visitors or users of corporate websites.

Search solutions are becoming more and more important as online “surfing” is decreasing while – at the same time – users are more likely to carry out targeted searches for specific web content. At the same time, the proportion of static content of online services is steadily declining. By using intelligent search solutions companies can improve the usability of their online platforms and also significantly improve competitiveness.

To be able to make a purchase recommendation such as the one above, current search solutions contain a so called “Recommendation Engine” that is able to automatically display search results based on predefined parameters or forward the user to the appropriate page. To accomplish this, various methods are applied, which then produce optimal search results.

These recommendation methods are automatic processes that recommend websites, documents or objects that match the interests of the user. The most common methods include collaborative, content-based and knowledge-based recommendations.

The collaborative method issues recommendations based on other users’ behavior. One example is Amazon’s “User who viewed x will also purchase y”, mentioned at the beginning. Recommendations of this type calculate personalized recommendations for each user in near real-time.

Content-based recommendations analyze a document’s content and user interests and automatically suggest objects or pages that contain similar content or objects.

Knowledge-based recommendations are usually based on stored rules that display search results which match the specific requirements of the user. Often they operation on the “if-the-principle”: “If the user wants x, then the search solution recommends y.”

Searchperience from AOE – Personalization via Recommendation Engine

The search solution Searchperience from AOE comprises a number of features that optimize the usability of your website or online shop. One of the most important features of Searchperience is the Recommendation Engine, with which personalized recommendations are expressed. In this way the user achieves optimal search results, increasing both length of stay on the Web and conversion rate.

The personalization feature can be used to improve the ranking of specific products, as Searchperience can store a user’s search patterns and behavior. Searchperience can also be used for campaign management, cross- and upsells as well as the mapping of the shop navigation.

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