The OM³ Airline Edition is the digital hub for airlines. OM³ digitalizes, secures and extends non-aviation revenues through data-driven travel retail E-Commerce. Extended product portfolios, personalized offers, airline services and loyalty program on one platform. Adaptable to complex airline requirements. Ready for use within a few months. Take-off into the digital future.

Higher non-aviation sales

Digitalizes, secures and expands non-aviation revenues

Data-driven E-Commerce

Personalized offers along the entire customer journey

Loyalty Program Integration

Earn and Redeem loyalty points for shopping and airline services

OM³ marketplace in action

What is the OM³ Airline Edition?

OM³ is a digital platform focusing on data-driven travel retail E-Commerce. The platform enables airlines to offer a much larger product portfolio, personalized product offerings based on customer preferences and the integration of loyalty programs. All major systems can be integrated. The solution can be flexibly adapted to even the most demanding airline requirements.

Airlines thus create a completely new user experience. Passengers can shop and pay with loyalty points from a large product portfolio of many different retailers. Personalized offers at the right time. With OM³, airlines extend the "Golden Hour" to a "Golden Month", increase their non-aviation sales and enable a modern kind of in-flight shopping.

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Whitepaper: Strategies for the post-COVID-19 future of airline travel retail and F&B. How airlines can use digital opportunities to generate higher revenues with a smarter, more secure platform - even during a crisis.

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Personalized Experience

Seamless personalization and individualization. Options and choices, anything, anytime, anywhere.


Brand relationships to guarantee authentic products at competitive price. Buying power to drive higher margins.

Promotions & Mile Redemption

Best price guarantee. Proven earn and burn mileage redemption technology.

Fulfillment options

Unrivalled ground and on-board fulfillment. Exclusive distribution rights for home delivery.

Data-driven E-Commerce

Data-driven user experience. Deliver seamless integration across interfaces.

Targeted campaigns

Targeted marketing and reach beyond passengers. Integrate with online and social marketing.

Feature Showcase

Benefits for Airlines

Sales & Marketing Tools

Enables location-based marketing, push notifications and integration of the loyalty program

Increased revenue

Additional customers and increased accessibility of offers increase sales

Larger product range

Extended range of products, bundles and product groups through integration of third-party suppliers

Connected Airline Services

Combines all airline services such as upgrades, fast-track or VIP services into a unique customer experience

Real-time Informationen

Real-time communication of all systems enables services such as personalized advertising, ticket validation and last-minute delivery changes (e.g. gate changes)

Same-hour on-premise delivery

Logistics offers flexible fulfillment through pick-up points and various delivery options within one hour on site

Benefits for your Airline?
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