The OM³ Airport Edition is a digital Omnichannel marketplace for airports. All retailers, brands, products and services on one platform. Personalized offers and additional services secure and expand non-aviation revenues. Adaptable to the complex requirements of airports. Take-off into the digital future.

Airport as a digital marketplace

All retailers, brands and products on one digital marketplace

Data-driven Omnichannel E-Commerce

Personalized offers along the entire customer journey

Higher non-aviation revenues

Digitalizes, secures and expands non-aviation revenues

OM³ is the digital enabler for airports. OM³ digitalizes, secures and expands non-aviation revenues and turns airports into a digital hub.

OM³ marketplace in action

What is the OM³ Airport Edition?

OM³ is a digital marketplace for airports with focus on the digitalization of non-aviation revenues. The platform connects all retailers, products and services on one platform. This enables data-driven travel retail E-Commerce, personalized offers and campaigns as well as the integration of loyalty programs. The omnichannel commerce solution is ready for use in a short time and can be flexibly adapted to complex customer needs. All systems and services can be integrated.

For passengers, a unique customer experience is created along the entire customer journey. They can shop and book services on the platform at any time during their journey. Supported by personalized offers at the right time and the right place. With same-hour delivery to the gate, lounge or seat. Payable with loyalty points or as mixed payments. This creates real added value. The "Golden Hour" becomes the "Golden Month".

Whitepaper "The Digital Airport Commerce Ecosystem"

The whitepaper "The Digital Airport Commerce Ecosystem" describes how stakeholders in the travel retail industry – airports, airlines, brands and duty-free operators – can benefit from digitalization. Our experts explain approaches and use cases for a successful collaborative digital business, such as a “Quaternity of Travel Retail”, which will transform current problems into future opportunities.

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Benefits for Airports

Combining Online & Offline

Seamless cross-channel shopping experience, both online and offline

Powerful Marketing Tools

Facilitate location-based marketing, push notifications and loyalty program integration

Increased Sales

Additional customers and improved availability of offers increase sales

Products and Ranges

Complete integration and display of all products and product ranges of all retailers

Connected Services

Combine all ancillary revenue streams such as Parking, Fast-Track or VIP Services into one unique Customer Experience

Real-time Information

Full real-time communication of all systems enables indoor navigation, personalized advertising, last-minute delivery changes and other services

Same Hour on-premise Delivery

Logistics supports fulfillment through pickup points and various delivery options within one hour on-premise


Its modern architecture and patterns enable flexible adaptation and scaling to meet upcoming digital challenges

Integration and Interfaces

Integration of hundreds of systems and data formats, connecting any number of existing systems and software

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