Responsive Design

Mobile Web design with an optimized display for all devices follows entirely different rules than traditional screen design. Mobile end user devices require flexible websites that adapt automatically to the display size.

Corporate websites, applications and web shops are increasingly being accessed on-to-go, thanks to powerful end devices and faster bit rates for the mobile market. By optimizing your portals and apps for mobile use you can reach your customers at any location, any time. Web design, however, must be adapted to the specific requirements of mobile end devices so that portals and online shops can be optimally displayed and operated – since different devices have different display formats. To ensure that your corporate design is complied with regardless of device, mobile websites and -apps must be flexibly adaptable to the formats of the various device manufacturers.

Mobile and responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3

Most websites were developed with a fixed grid for all devices before the mobile revolution. Due to the continuously rising number of mobile devices and the ongoing expansion of the mobile Internet this approach has radically changed. AOE develops websites with responsive design, using web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3; the websites have flexible grids, in which the design automatically adapts to the respective device. This approach ensures the optimal display regardless of the device used.

Size is also an important factor in the success of mobile websites. Compared to a traditional Internet connection, the mobile Internet usually has a lower data transmission rate – long loading times and large volumes of data should therefore be avoided. Mobile web design is primarily a reduction to the essence of the website.

AOE develops individualized mobile web design and -layout concepts – customized to fulfill your requirements – so that your platforms can be optimally displayed on all devices. Among others, we use responsive design to optimally adapt Mobile Applications to the various end devices and their specific formats. Using relevant Content Management Systems or shop software you easily manage and maintain mobile content.

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