Mobile Portal development for optimized business processes

Development of mobile portal solutions for sales support, optimization of business processes as well as the central provisioning of information.

Mobile devices have fundamentally changed communications options for businesses and customers alike. Information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time using mobile devices.

Areas of Application of Mobile Portals

Mobile portals are already being used by companies in a number of different areas: Internally, to coordinate business processes rapidly and efficiently across departments and to support sales – and externally, to offer customers and business partners rapid and centralized access to information. In this way sales representatives have the possibility to access sales-relevant information, such as product brochures or -demos, away from the office and to positively influence sales success. For this purpose, portals are seamlessly integrated into existing systems, such as intra- or extranet. Private users of mobile B2C portals additionally are able to comfortably access information, music, photographs or movies on-the-go.

By optimally coordinating all interfaces, the data of all web and mobile portals is automatically synchronized, so that users can access and edit portal information across all available media.

AOE develops powerful mobile portals with efficient usability for global companies. Providing mobile access via, e.g., an optimized mobile app, helps meet high performance demands. 

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