Mobile first

Increasingly, website access is mobile. Companies must therefore radically rethink their online strategy and focus more on mobile devices.

The rising sales figures for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has dramatically changed Internet use in the past years – more than 60% of all mobile phone users in the UK possessed a smartphone in 2013. More and more, mobile devices are used to access information. According to surveys, two out of three US smartphone users use their device daily to access information on the Web. These developments are challenging today’s business to optimize content for mobile use.

“Mobile first” strategies take this development into account and place mobile websites and applications at the center of web development efforts. On this basis, websites are then optimized step-by-step, for desk- and laptops, according to the principle of “progressive enhancement”.

To accomplish this using a mobile first strategy, websites are developed with special grids in a smartphone format, which are subsequently scaled for larger screen formats. The grids adapt display sizes automatically to each specific format and can represent content in an optimized manner.

As an element of a mobile first strategy, responsive web design (RWD) plays an important role. In RWD a website is developed and implemented (both from a technical and a design perspective) in such a way that the site automatically adjusts to the characteristics of the respective device being used.

Advantages of a mobile first strategy

  • Focus on the essentials: Screen size and bandwidth issues of mobile devices force designers to concentrate on the most important content as well as the functionality of the website
  • State-of-the-art websites: A mobile first strategy encourages innovative solutions and the use of leading-edge technologies
  • More potential customers: Businesses can reach a larger number of Internet users with a mobile strategy

Criticism of mobile first strategies

The strong growth in the number of mobile devices and the mobile Internet have fundamentally changed Internet use, but mobile first strategies as well as RWD are often only associated with adaptation to smaller display formats. However, the format should not be the primary focus. Rather, the different needs of the target audience and strategic goals of the website should be at the forefront of all considerations. Users expect websites that are perfectly coordinated with each other as an element of a holistic approach, as well as a unique user experience that creates customer enthusiasm and improves brand loyalty.

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