Mobile Commerce - M-Commerce and mobile shops

Due to the rapid growth in the use of mobile devices, mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Move your online shop into the mobile market. Improve customer loyalty and create unique user experiences.

For the strategy of global companies, mobile commerce is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor. The number of users of mobile devices has been continuously growing during the past years. Combined with ever faster mobile data networks, new technology are positioning mobile commerce as an increasingly attractive distribution channel.

The amount of time users spend on their mobile device is also increasing. Mobile commerce helps you to reach your customers on-the-go at any time with targeted and personalized offers. Efficient ordering processes in mobile shops create a fast and user-friendly buying experience. This improves customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. Use location-based services to provide your mobile customers with personalized advertising, marketing or product information, thus offering them an added value. Connect your mobile web shop seamlessly to social networks via social-media integration and gain additional benefits through viral marketing with social commerce.

Based on modern Open Source technology, AOE develops efficient mobile commerce solutions for global companies and corporations that can be individually adapted to fulfill any requirement.

Mobile commerce with Open Source solutions from AOE

Based on leading-edge mobile frameworks, AOE develops state-of-the-art web-based E-Commerce portals using responsive design as well as native Mobile Apps to meet the most stringent corporate demands.

Combined with agile development methods, our customers benefit from significantly faster development times and customized solutions.

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