The EFT Suite is an individually adaptable portal solution developed specifically for telecommunication providers (telcos) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), which makes your campaign management flexible and personalizable and offers significant customer benefits.

Editing & Marketing

Manage personalized campaigns with short time-to-market via CMS

Sales & Customer Service

Sales portal for white-label sales and customer self-care portal for end customers

Processes, Data & Systems

Integration of software programs and systems, optimization of processes and administration of product- and customer data

The EFT Suite is a central interface for Telcos and MVNOs, the employees, customers and sales partners as well as IT systems. The platform enables simple maintenance of customer- and product data, flexible control of personalized campaigns and optimized business processes.

The most important aspects of the portal solution EFT Suite:

  • Digitized Business Processes: Optimization and digital implementation of the most important business processes
  • Content Management: Editorial management with short time-to-market through powerful CMS
  • Personalized Campaigns: Target audience-specific content, offers and prices individually configurable for every user
  • Sales Partner Portal: White-label sales with modular product configuration and order processes
  • Customer Portal: Self-care portal for customers for administering their personal data and tariffs
  • Order Management System: Order management-, workflow- and billing system
  • PIM System: Redundancy-free management of product data
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Powerful, highly scalable IT architectures for heavy and volatile traffic
  • Systems Integration: Optimal connection of business logics, software programs and systems, ovon Businesslogiken, Softwares und Systemen, oriented to business processes
  • Business Process Optimization: Cost savings through digitization and optimal business processes

Applications of the EFT Suite


  • Cell Phone Providers
  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • Internet Providers


  • Increasing productivity through short time-to-market
  • Cost savings due to optimized processes
  • Redundancy-free maintenance of product-, sales partner- and customer data
  • Content personalization and target audience-specific content and campaigns
  • Customer self-care portal

Benefits of the EFT Suite

High Productivity

Increasing productivity through short time-to-market

Process Optimization

Cost savings due to optimized processes

Data Management

Redundancy-free maintenance of product-, sales partner- and customer data

Global Campaigns

Campaign management system for quick and easy campaign creation

Personalized Content

Individual offers and prices per target audience and campaign

Order Management System

Product configuration, order management- and workflow system

Sales Partners

White-label sales through order management- and workflow system

Customer Service

Cost reduction through user-friendly, web-based customer self-care

Integration and Interfaces

Connection of software programs and systems such as ERP, CRM or PIM systems

Ulf Menssen
We’ve become even faster and more flexible with our new solution. This saves time – and money. Above all, we are independent. Our employees can independently create marketing campaigns within a very short time, individually adjust the customer area and carry out all changes to our products by themselves. In this way we really live our motto “You want it. You get it.”
Ulf Menssen
Director Sales

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