Omni-Channel E-Commerce

Multistore solutions enable you to operate and maintain a limitless number of web shops within a single installation for effective and scalable global E-Commerce. The reduced complexity helps to significantly reduce costs.

Global companies with different web shops worldwide need effective E-Commerce solutions that are scalable and can be adapted to various target markets. Companies need effective tools to be able to efficiently provide and administer various language versions, different currencies as well as payment and shipping methods with minimal effort.

Tools for effective Multistore Management

Central Administration Panel

Global companies can centrally manage online shops, regardless of number, through a single shared administration panel.

Global Settings

Current E-Commerce systems can be configured flexibly and enable the user to set global default settings. Thus, companies can define uniform standards for all language- and country sites, which contributes to consistent compliance with the corporate identity.

Personalized shop view for different users

A web shop’s user view can be individually defined in Enterprise E-Commerce systems. For example, a view adapted to men and women can be defined to improve the user experience or the web shop can use Geo-IP detection to position regionally appropriate promotions.

Individualized pricing

Global web shops can set prices according to the individual target market. For example, when determining prices, companies can take exchange rates or taxes of each country into consideration.

AOE operates global multistore E-Commerce platforms that meet the highest performance requirements.

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