Global E-Commerce Rollouts

AOE develops global Enterprise E-Commerce solutions based on Open Source technology for international companies. State-of-the-art cloud architectures and a high degree of flexibility ensure that the solutions are able to fulfill all requirements regarding performance and scalability.

In times of growing globalization, international corporations are increasingly turning to global sales strategies to develop new markets and increase revenues. E-Commerce solutions need to be highly flexible, so that offers can be adapted to different countries, markets and languages.

Flexible global E-Commerce

Create flexible E-Commerce solutions that can be individually adapted to various target markets. Manage all of your online shops for different countries with a variety of business models within a single solution. Product catalogs can be adjusted to meet the demands of different target audiences, thus addressing customers in a personalized manner at all times. Predefined templates ensure a continuous compliance with the corporate design, thus guaranteeing a universal appearance worldwide.

AOE represent years of experience in B2B and B2C commerce on a global scale. We develop highly flexible E-Commerce solutions – scalable due to cloud architectures – that can be adjusted to meet increasing demands in performance. Should these requirements increase during traffic peaks, new servers are automatically provisioned in the cloud so that downtimes and a decrease in performance can be avoided. Especially irregular E-Commerce traffic requires solutions that can process server overload, long loading times or unusual peak loads without additional administrative effort.

Optimal performance through cloud solutions

AOE combines various powerful Open Source solutions to fulfill maximum performance requirements. Our complex caching methods utilize, among others, Varnish Cache, which can cache files other methods don’t encompass. In this way, Varnish can help increase E-Commerce portal performance by a factor of up to 400 – compared to pure full-page caching. Cloud management services such as Rightscale help us optimize server utilization – the system independently recognizes when servers exceed a certain load limit and provisions additional servers to reduce the system load.

Our many years of extensive experience in the design of complex E-Commerce architectures for leading international companies makes AOE one of the leading service provides for effective global commerce that meets the demands in maximum performance and scalability.

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