E-Commerce and CMS with Open Source – maximize customer loyalty with integrated solutions.

Create a unified shopping experience with E-Commerce and CMS solutions from AOE. Integrate your web shop seamlessly with your web CMS and provide a completely integrated shopping experience for your customers.

Operating global websites and E-Commerce portals is a fundamental requirement for international companies to ensure long-term business success. Due to continuously increasing technical possibilities, the demands placed on web systems are also steadily rising. Corporate systems must therefore be flexible and expandable, so that they can be adjusted to continually changing conditions.

E-Commerce and CMS with Open Source

AOE develops complex E-Commerce systems, based on leading-edge Open Source technologies, which can be seamlessly integrated into your Content Management System. We integrate all of your systems into your IT infrastructure so that they can communicate with one another without obstacles. This integrated approach offers you enormous flexibility and simplifies system maintenance.

Service-Oriented Architecture

As a premium service provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions we offer global companies advantages in the development of complex solutions, based on service-oriented architecture, in which all systems are optimally synchronized.

Integration of CMS and E-Commerce Solutions

A fully integrated CMS and E-Commerce solution increases cross-selling potential while also significantly improving the user experience. For example, appropriate products from an E-Commerce solution can also be directly displayed in CMS pages.

Enterprise Search Integration

“Searchperience”, developed by AOE in-house as a cloud-based search solution, can be seamlessly integrated into every website or web shop. By using an intelligent crawler Searchperience automatically indexes and analyzes semantic connections of the entire content, thus enabling the use of powerful search filters.

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