Campaign management in E-Commerce

Campaign management with optimal coordination of all systems for effective and successful E-Commerce.

E-Commerce portals of global companies with comprehensive product portfolios are often complex. To effectively maintain these portals, companies need solutions that support them in global campaign management. These solutions must be adaptable to changing requirements – thus making the appropriate project setup essential.

Global campaign management

Implement active campaign management with E-Commerce solutions from AOE. You can set up numerous campaigns for different countries, products or product areas – all of which can be individually operated. Localization functions help companies in adapting campaigns to the relevant target markets so that every target audience can be individually addressed.

Uniform campaign tracking

Measurability of marketing campaigns is an extremely important element of campaign management. This factor helps to efficiently disperse budges and can have a positive impact on the ROI. AOE therefore integrates a variety of web analytics tools into E-Commerce solutions, which visualize campaign success and enable measurability. Tracking results help companies focus on specific groups of goods or product areas.

Effective campaign management in E-Commerce with continuous optimization leads to an ongoing improvement of the offer. Web analytics tools help extensively analyze the customer journey. Analysis provides companies with valuable information about customer buying behavior; this information can be used for adjusting campaigns to specific business goals. AOE provides you with comprehensive support in all aspects of campaign management: From solution selection to implementation of the solution most appropriate for your online shop.

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