B2C E-Commerce - Development of powerful B2C applications

Development of scalable, powerful B2C E-Commerce applications with a comprehensive product portfolio and high traffic volume.

The demands that companies place on their E-Commerce solutions often differ substantially, depending on whether the company operates in a B2B- or B2C environment. By adapting solutions to specific corporate requirements, AOE develops individually customized B2C E-Commerce systems.

Whereas B2B E-Commerce platforms are structured pragmatically, B2C companies often require higher levels of functionality, performance and usability. One important element in B2C E-Commerce is temporary promotions and campaigns, which require a high degree of scalability of all utilized systems. Page views can vary considerably, for instance during temporary campaigns or seasonal events, such as Christmas or product launches. Companies therefore need solutions that can be flexibly extended and are seamlessly scalable.

Scalable and powerful B2C E-Commerce for the Angry Birds web shop

For global B2C E-Commerce companies, such as the Finnish media company Rovio – developer of the most successful web- and mobile game worldwide, Angry Birds, AOE operates the online shop, based on Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition, which intermittently must handle the highest traffic-load worldwide. The web shop, developed by AOE, can handle even the highest loads – for example, up to 10,000 parallel users per second during peaks. The high performance requirements are primarily enabled by a fully automated scalable cloud infrastructure that adjusts to varying traffic without human intervention.

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