B2B E-Commerce: Needs-based Open Source solutions for the procurement of goods

B2B E-Commerce focuses on needs-based support of goods procurement. The goal is to establish a long-term business relationship. AOE develops E-Commerce solutions for maximum performance and scalability.

Compared to B2C E-Commerce, B2B E-Commerce – the oldest and most important form of E-business – is characterized by a higher degree of specialization for specific industries or business departments, which helps to improve customer loyalty in the long term.

B2B solutions must be precisely customized to continuously fulfill individual needs of international corporate clients. Detailed information regarding goods offered, inventory, bulk prices or delivery times are indispensable. In B2B, rapid and integrated order processes, in addition to a functional and well organized design, are of particular importance.

Systems integration in B2B E-Commerce for highest performance requirements

AOE develops and implements complex B2B E-Commerce applications with seamless integration with inventory control-, ERP- or DMS systems. Open Source middleware tools such as Mule ESB help to coordinate different systems and applications, so that these can easily communicate with each other and optimally represent and support you internal business processes. The Enterprise service bus comprises interfaces to more than 120 systems, such as SAP, Salesforce.com, NetSuite or Amazon S3; thanks to Open Source virtually all systems can be flexibly connected via the integrated API. This helps reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure and increases performance.

In addition, AOE integrates individual language requirements as well as country-specific characteristics, in order to comprehensively cover all aspects of global B2B E-Commerce.

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