Many E-Commerce platforms are targeted at end consumers. B2B E-Commerce, however, has other requirements, which are often given little or no consideration. The B2X Suite contains “the best of both worlds” and and provides the possibility to communicate with end users, companies, partners and employees in equal measure with an E-Commerce solution with different shop types.

Flexible E-Commerce Platform

Powerful E-Commerce with flexible shop functions, user-, role- and rights management as well as complex pricing.

B2B and B2C in one Instance

Combines best practice principles from B2B and B2C Commerce to target end customers (B2C), Companies (B2B), partners (B2P) and employees (B2E).

Enterprise Solution

Meets all performance, security and scalability standards and can be integrated into other systems.

The B2X Suite is an E-Commerce platform with all the features needed for efficient B2B and B2C E-Commerce. The B2X Suite is targeted at several target audiences and enables E-Commerce with companies, partners, employees and end customers on a single platform.

B2B vs B2C E-Commerce

In E-Commerce there are fundamental differences between B2B and B2C, e.g. in terms of target groups and individual, business drivers, and acting persons, customer engagement and distribution, pricing, purchasing decisions and -cycles. Accordingly, there are also different requirements for the E-Commerce systems used.

Many shop systems are simply not oriented toward B2B or, vice versa, not created for B2C use. Companies that have partners, other companies and end customers as their target audiences, must develop necessary functionalities with considerable effort or operate several shops. This is where the B2X Suite comes into play.

B2X: Business with Consumers, Partners, and Companies

The B2X Suite is a multishop E-Commerce platform developed for different target audiences, with funtions for both B2C and B2B. At its core, the suite consists of a powerful Enterprise E-Commerce system, which is connected to CMS-, PIM- and ERP systems. All components can be customized by using Open Source technologies. Highlights of the B2X Suite:

  • E-Commerce: Powerful and flexible platform with many B2B components usch as user- and role management, complex pricing structure and payment integration
  • CMS: Editing of the entire Web content, incl. flexible rights management with one content management system
  • PIM: Simple centralized management of all product data through one product information management system
  • ERP & CRM: Integration of ERP- and CRM systems via API for seamless communications and dataexchange
  • IAM & SSO: High standards of security, authenticaion of users through identity & access management und single sign-on
  • Hosting: Enterprise cloud hosting with auto scaling, automatic backups and secure data bases

Benefits of the B2X Suite


One platform for any number of shop versions for country, languages and currencies

Content Management

Control of shop- and web content through a powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS)

Product Data Management

Administration of product information through a Product Information Management System (PIM)

Users, Roles and Authorizations

Comprehensive user management with different roles (e.g. procurement), groups (e.g. departments) and authorizations (procurement lists, purchasing)

Complex Pricing

A powerful pricing module makes even complex differential pricing and discounting for different target groups possible

Fulfillment and Payment

Worldwide fulfillment and payment for B2B and B2C with one provider, incl. various methods of payment, fraud- and risk management

Security and Authorization

Enterprise security standards, identification and authorization of users through Single Sign-On (SSO)

Cloud Hosting with Auto Scaling

Secure and high-performance cloud infrastructure with auto scaling at high loads


Suitable for business with end customers (B2C), businesses (B2B), partners (B2P) and employees (B2E)

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Steven Bailey
The B2X Suite is a one-of-a-kind solution that is adaptable to a number of different target groups. B2X offers the opportunity to interact with partners, B2B- and B2C customers with one platform.
Steven Bailey
Chief Sales Officer

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