Wireframing – from simple sketches to complex web architectures

As a full-service Open Source web service provider, AOE develops complex web projects from A to Z. Using wireframing AOE sketches a framework of your new website. The focus lies on developing a structure that can concentrate on the functions and elements of the page, independently of the design.

Developing websites and Web Applications is complex. In the first phase, after developing requirements of a news solution, the user interface is sketched using wireframing.

These wireframes are schematic sketches of the solution, to be created later. As a rule, wireframes are sketched without details and are exclusively used for coordinating and developing the user interface functionality. In this way, functions can already be discussed and optimized without the screen design team already needing to work on the final design of the look and feel.

Once the wireframes are finalized, they serve developers and screen designers as the basis for further work.

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