Agile software development

The requirements of software solutions are continuously changing. Rigid development methods, however, rarely allow modifications during a project and can only be implemented with great difficulty. The solution: agile software development.

As a counter-concept to traditional development methods, agile software development focuses on a flexible and lean development process. The aim is to quickly deliver executable software, obtain quick and regular feedback from customers and to use this for further work.

Software is developed and tested in several short cycles through an interactive, incremental process. This approach allows customers to track the development process from the beginning and to influence development at any time.

Especially at the beginning of project the software requirements are often not clear or incomplete. An agile approach offers many advantages for both customers and developers, as the software is not only improved with each development cycle but the know-how of the project team also increases. The result is shorter development time.

An overview of the main advantages of agile software development:

  1. Transparency
  2. TransparencyFlexibility
  3. Rapid system implementation

Important elements of agile software development are test-driven development and refactoring as well as early acceptance tests with users. Critical errors can thus be avoided from the very beginning. The result: lean and future-proof solutions that efficiently support your business processes – even when your requirements change.

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