Requirements analysis

Requirements analysis is the first step in the development of complex websites and Web Applications.

Requirements analyses are the basis of new Open Source software projects. At the start of a project customers usually have few concrete ideas about the website or application to be developed. But, developers need a detailed overview of the specific customer requirements and expectations to begin their work – and to be able to ensure an accurate implementation. Results of the requirement analysis are documented in the product vision.

Procedural approach of the requirements analysis:

Collecting the requirements

After a workshop with all stakeholders and examination of available information such as preliminary concepts, tendering- and/or strategy documents or investment decisions, AOE collects the requirements systematically and holistically. At the same the project is mapped out in order to recognize dependencies, e.g. with external project partners, and integrate them into the project.

Structuring and coordination

The thus collected requirements are documented and drafted in understandable language in the so called product vision. This is not a specification in the traditional sense, but a comprehensible document with manageable scope for all stakeholders. This is to ensure that all decision makers, even those without a technical background, can understand and assess the jointly defined requirements.

Product vision and first backlog

If the product vision, arrived at in this manner, is adopted, the AOE project team prepares an overview of all requirements and rates them regarding the time necessary for implementation. Together with the customer AOE also evaluates the business value of every requirement. Using this as a basis, AOE drafts a recommendation for the first sprint for solution development.

We work exclusively with agile development methods such as Scrum and are thus in a position to flexibly react to changing requirements – even during an active project. With this process flexibility we can guarantee high software quality and make sure that the solution meets the demands of the customer.

AOE has already implemented more than 1,500 projects for global companies and corporations using this approach.

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