Refactoring is a proven method of agile software development, which AOE uses together with test-driven development. The goal is continuously optimizing code to avoid the so call code smells.

Refactoring is a method, used by AOE to continuously optimize the internal program structure of software solutions – in the long-term, clean code plays a major role in the maintenance, expansion and optimization of your software.

Refactoring thus significantly reduces the effort for the analysis of structural defects and functional program extensions. Thus AOE is able to realize shorter development times and to respond more quickly. For this purpose, only structural improvements are made to the source code without affecting the program behavior itself. The subsequent care and maintenance of your sites is considerably simplified.

The unit tests that follow refactoring ensure that the code still behaves in the same way after restructuring and is error-free. In this way, an iterative approach, test-driven development and refactoring complement each other perfectly.

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