Premium quality for Open Source Enterprise web solutions

Die Qualität von Webanwendungen ist im geschäftskritischen Unternehmensumfeld maßgeblich für den Unternehmenserfolg verantwortlich.

As a premium service provider we clearly differentiate ourselves from our competition both in terms of consulting and project management as well as in the development and technical implementation – code quality, agile development and extensive test automation are essential elements of our projects.

Our aspiration is no less than: "Solutions close to perfection".

Quality assurance (QA) starts at the beginning of every project

Together with its customers AOE analyzes the requirements of the software solution in detail, drafts the results in the form of a product vision and refines them step by step in the agile process. AOE continuously identifies vulnerabilities of existing processes and optimizes them accordingly.

Parallel to the sprints of the development teams, the developers and testers draft test scenarios – defined at the beginning of every sprint – via acceptance criteria. At the same time, most test cases defined for each sprint are automated. Everything serves the purpose of implementing a final product that truly meets the needs of the customer and has been completely tested at the end of every sprint.

Testing as an integral part of QA

Based on state-of-the-art programming methods AOE always develops solutions to meet the highest quality standards, that are easy to expand and can be flexibly adapted. A fondness for code quality and maintainability is just as important to us as at least 80% unit code coverage.

In the end, test-driven development promotes software of significantly higher quality, with lower maintenance expenses and reduced susceptibility to defects in extensions.

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