Performance & Scalability

AOE is an expert in developing high-performance Web Applications with virtually unlimited scalability. Based on current Open Source software, AOE develops solutions that can be flexibly adapted to meet rising demands.

Corporate website and E-Commerce portal are essential communications channels for global companies. They are ideally suited to effective reach and inform stakeholders such as customers and investors, and to generate revenues. Performance and availability of websites, Web Applications and E-Commerce portals is therefore a critical success- and competitive factor and largely responsible for revenue generation.

Customers and users are placing ever higher demands on Web Applications. Even short delays in accessing a web page negatively impact customer satisfaction or conversion rates and thus also affect the bottom line. Performance monitoring should therefore be an integral element of IT departments in global companies. Surveys, however, paint a different picture: Only some 70% of all companies monitor performance around the clock. And, performance monitoring plays an even lesser role when mobile websites are involved.

A crucial factor for performance optimization is website behavior in load peaks. Here, however, 44% of all companies fail to execute tests that simulate website behavior in such cases.

Performance-optimization for E-Commerce and websites

Improving code quality

Clean source code form the basis of high-performance web shops and websites. Optimizing code structure or identifying and eliminating bottlenecks can already lead to a strong improvement in performance.

Hardware setup and caching

Good site performance begins with the optimal hardware setup at the beginning of a project. In analyzing the hardware, AOE checks the server infrastructure in place, makes specific recommendations and ensure the perfect implementation. Powerful caching methods can achieve significant increases in performance for E-Commerce and web projects. To this end, AOE uses – among others – Varnish cache or PHP caches, which can store code instructions, so that identical modules don’t have to be cached several times. In addition, AOE analyzes projects in terms of active and dispensable modules that need long loading times and negatively affect performance. By using AJAX less complex dynamic server requests can be made only when needed beyond, which significantly improves performance.


Automated testing ensures that all functions of websites and -shops work properly. All pages are tested automatically and errors are identified. Using functional tests high loads can be simulated with tools such as JMETER – checking how the loads affect website performance.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks are used in particular, to optimally deliver static content of highly frequented sites. Here, the content of the page is distributed across several servers, minimizing the load of individual servers. Edge caching ensures that the geographically closest server is always contacted when a page is accessed, thus guaranteeing optimal response times.

Cloud architectures

For highly frequented websites and -shops AOE offers hosting on different cloud platforms. This allows us to scale Web Applications as required. With increasing traffic, additional servers are automatically deployed through the use of current auto scaling functions in the cloud to meet fluctuating and rising performance demands.

Because of the extensive expertise in the development of Open Source-based Web Applications that demand the highest performance and scalability, AOE achieves significant performance improvements and thus increases the attractiveness, competitiveness and customer satisfaction of your E-Commerce solutions and Web Applications.

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