Operations and continued development

Error-free operation and continued development of complex Web Applications

Maintenance of complex IT infrastructures represents a substantial challenge for companies. For the most part, however, a large portion of the work begins after a page has gone live – systems must be continuously maintained and edited to ensure smooth operations. Only a web application that runs without error can secure business growth. AOE is your long-term and competent partner and will work together with you to continuously optimize your platform.

Flexible expansion and scalability

Based on modern Open Source technologies, AOE develops Enterprise web solutions that can be flexibly expanded and are adaptable to changing business requirements at any time. AOE’s know-how comprises all elements of web development: from Web Content Management of global websites through highly scalable E-Commerce applications to Mobile Apps. To ensure that your web application is always available – even during peak loads – AOE uses scalable cloud architectures that can be flexibly adapted to increasing needs. Should traffic increase, additional servers are provisioned automatically within seconds so that a continuous availability is guaranteed.

System monitoring and -optimization

A continuous monitoring of systems in use for global websites and E-Commerce portals is an essential element of daily business. At the outset of a project, AOE establishes basic processes to ensure error-free operations. Regular function- and performance tests continuously monitor web application performance – problems can thus be quickly addressed and solved. As part of the process, AOE simulates high loads on the website with various established test suites, and controls whether defined processes, such as automatic provisioning of new servers, function correctly.

Integration of different systems

IT infrastructures usually consist of a pool of individual solutions that operated independently of one another. By connecting internal solutions companies benefit from perfectly coordinated systems that communicate with each other, thus helping to reduce complexity. As the globally leading Open Source service provider, AOE is capable of mapping all corporate systems as well as external cloud architectures in a single shared infrastructure. As part of service-oriented architectures we integrate company-internal systems, such as CRM-, ERP- or merchandise information systems, as well as distributed cloud architectures, such as Amazon S3, SAP or Salesforce under a single roof.

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