Open Source Enterprise support

Professional and customized Enterprise support for complex Open Source Enterprise web solutions from the world's leading Open Source solutions provider.

The use of Open Source software is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor for businesses. A crucial reason for this is the high quality of Open Source software projects. The market research firm Gartner predicts that nearly 95% of all IT companies will use Open Source solutions for business-critical applications by 2016.

The increasing use of Open Source software, however, requires long-term, dependable and continuous support and consulting. In general, professional Open Source Enterprise solutions are very complex. Very few businesses possess the necessary know-how to implement an optimized solution as part of specific project, and also carry out additional individual adaptations.

Service and Support – Important criterion for businesses

Unlike solutions from commercial providers, Open Source solutions usually lack a central point-of-contact for comprehensive Enterprise support, as the continued development of solutions isn’t driven by an individual company but by global communities and specialized service providers.

Open Source Enterprise support from AOE

AOE is one of the world’s leading provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions. We have a unique expertise in the development of complex Open Source platforms and can provide long-term and comprehensive support.

To this end, AOE offers flexible support packages for a range of Open Source solutions that can be individually adapted to meet specific needs – from a professional setup through continuous updates up to performance optimization and monitoring. Due to the active support and comprehensive activities in various Open Source communities AOE is also able to perform extensive changes to core components of the solution without compromising upgradeability.

With the comprehensive support of AOE you always receive the professional assistance you need to optimally implement your Open Source solution in your business.

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