Internationalization of Enterprise web solutions

As a rule, web solutions of large companies are global in scope. This requires from the provider of consulting services and design a comprehensive understanding of international organizations and local markets. AOE has acquired vast expertise in this area and is uniquely qualified to advise international companies.

Dealing with cultural differences

Cultural differences are of crucial importance in international projects and solutions. For example, advertising and sales are completely different in Spain, the United States or in Turkey. Only those providers who are aware of these cultural differences and has the necessary experience, can remove communications obstacles in a project and incorporate the individual strengths of each region as an element of the online concept or -strategy. Customers benefit from AOE and the company’s presence with global branch offices. In terms of distance and culture, the paths are shorter, creating a project environment in which the motto “Think global – act local” can be implemented daily.

Requirements of global web solution concepts

The demands of global web solutions can be very different, but usually combine the elements of content localization of different regions as well as language diversity. Automated translations, content repositories, integration of exotic languages and character sets are components of every project. AOE has long years of experience in this area and proven concepts and mechanisms in handling these requirements.

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