Interaction design

Interaction design is an integral part of every software project. The better interaction design and usability of a solution are, the more rapidly they are accepted by the users. The integration of a world-class user experience is thus a central point of all of the projects of AOE.

The consulting- and design teams of AOE view interaction design as a part of the concept of web solutions. Developing a solution is a process that undergoes several steps. In the beginning the focus lies on discussing user needs and the goals of the website operator. These are then used to derive the functional requirements. Once these are defined, the discipline of interaction design is next.

At this stage the functionality of the web solution is determined as well as how the user interacts with the web solution.

Interaction design is important because it, for the most part, defines the user experience – that is, how the user perceives and operates the web solution. The better and more intensive the interaction design of a solution, the greater the user acceptance.

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