Agile and user-oriented development

By using agile methods, AOE can flexibly react to project requirements and deliver results more rapidly.

Traditional software development process

Traditional agencies often use tried-and-true development methods such as the waterfall model. In this method all functions are determined at the beginning of development in detail, documented comprehensively in functional specifications and then processed. However, in this approach, changes during or after conceptualization are either not possible or complex and costly, as they are not planned for within the development process. Also, possible development errors are usually recognized only at the end of the project, which can lead to additional costs and time delays.

Agile methods at AOE – from design to development

AOE, on the other hand, prefers a different development approach. We use agile methods from the very beginning of the concept phase and actively integrate our customers into the project development process from the outset. During workshops AOE analyzes requirements and develops individual personas, that is, models of users with specific characteristics and typical behavior. We then derive scenarios with which we simulate possible user behavior and ensure that different user groups can work can optimally work with the web application. User journeys are used as the basis of the scenarios. In addition, the scenarios provide the basis for the development of wireframes, prototypes and the final interface designs.

In contrast to the waterfall model the development does not follow a predefined plan. Instead, AOE and the customer define the most important functions of the web application at the beginning of the project. User experience design and optimal usability and navigation are then devised iteratively and in an agile manner. The customer can influence development and prioritization of the features at any time – functions and even be integrated and adjusted after development is already in progress, in order to optimally adapt the application to the requirements of the customer.

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