Cloud hosting with auto scaling

The cloud auto scaling solutions from AOE provide businesses with flexible cloud hosting solutions for complex Web Applications with automatic scaling and zero downtime.

Companies are demanding more and more scalability and higher performance from their E-Commerce- and web portals. The challenges for hosting the solutions are growing apace – the demand is for nothing less than permanent availability to secure revenues and protect the company’s reputation. Cloud auto scaling functions from AOE ensure that complex E-Commerce- and Web Applications are available at all times, even during peak loads.

What is cloud auto scaling?

Cloud auto scaling enables companies to expand their server infrastructure as needed. To accomplish this, additional servers are provisioned in the cloud to handle increasing or fluctuating traffic. If traffic decreases, servers are automatically shut down to help save costs. Cloud auto scaling functions are particularly applicable in the following situations:

  • Strong linear growth
  • Strong or seasonal peaks

Scope of applications for cloud auto scaling

Special marketing campaigns, such as a temporarily free shipping, product launches or seasonal events, such as Christmas or Black Friday: All of these situations place high demands on performance, whether through high order volume or a large number of users or traffic that changes by the hour. As an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, AOE relies primarily on the flexible and highly scalable cloud technologies of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS currently is the undisputed market leader for cloud-enabled services in terms of range of features and innovation velocity.

  • Zero downtime for your Web Applications
  • Automatic server scaling, when required or according to a fixed timetable
  • Flexible expansion and reduction of cloud servers in use
  • Transparent costs – you only pay for what you actually use – accurate to the minute
  • Highly redundant datacenters, distributed worldwide

Your web application is online all the time and provides maximum performance, thanks to the cloud auto scaling functions from AOE and Amazon Web Services.

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