Web analytics

Increase the success of your online- and mobile campaigns with web analytics.

Erfahren Sie mit Web Analytics alles ├╝ber Ihre Website-Besucher und optimieren Sie durch kontinuierliche, detaillierte Analysen Ihren Webauftritt.

A sophisticated online strategy is an important strategic success factor for global companies. In addition to operative activities such as search engine optimization or -marketing, measuring success and continuously optimizing campaigns has become an indispensable element.

Web analytics tools, such as for example Google Analytics, support you in measuring the success of your websites and online shops. Find out which pages are visited most often, which keywords were used or from which online sources users are redirected to your website. In this way you can determine exactly which websites and campaigns are successful and where you can optimize your online platform. This information will help you to better understand your customers and to optimally adjust your marketing strategy to their needs. This enables you to address your customers in a more targeted way and significantly increase the ROI of your online marketing activitie

AOE has been developing sophisticated web solutions for international companies for more than ten years. These solutions, together with web analytics tools, optimize business processes and support you in more rapidly reaching your economic goals.

AOE will optimize your online platform and increase the success of your online- and mobile activities.
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