Agile Project Management: Agile development and processes

For many years, the software industry has come to realize that extensive IT projects are very difficult to specify and plan in advance. Requirements change during the project and the complexity of the solutions requires the cooperation of the whole team, which must recognize the diverse contexts and jointly develop solutions.

Due to the use of different systems and technologies, large IT projects are extremely complex. It is therefore not possible to reliably predict every detail at the beginning of the project, as many requirements are still unknown and constantly change during development. A successful project management necessitates an approach that consistently supports changes from the outset and incorporates them into the planning.

Responding to changes as a central part of the development

Agile project management takes this approach and places continuous response to changes at the center of the entire development. Successful agile projects require strong self-organized teams with highly qualified and intrinsically motivated knowledge workers with a degree of individual responsibility. To reduce the complexity, projects are divided into several parts (releases), developed, tested and then implemented. Conceptual errors and risks can thereby be quickly pinpointed and corrected.

The customer is an integral element of the development team and has the possibility to influence development from the outset. Project knowledge and confidence in the development team is continuously built during ongoing development. Thus, we ensure that our solutions are always developed to closely meet the demands of our clients.

More Project Success with Agile Methods

According to the survey “The Chaos Manifesto” published by The Standish Group in 2012, agile projects are three times more successful than projects implemented using the classic waterfall model. The number of failed projects is also significantly lower in agile projects when compared to traditional approaches. Additionally, customer requirements are only partially fulfilled in more than half of all waterfall projects.

For years AOE has relied entirely on agile project management methods. Our agile project teams achieve above-average results and excellent customer satisfaction.