With Magento and Searchperience, AOE has implemented a highly scalable and powerful web shop for QVC, providing customers with the right products at the right time.

QVC Case Study
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As one of the world leaders in teleshopping, US broadcaster QVC has also been present in Italy since 2010, both as a TV channel and a virtual store at qvc.it. 95% of revenue is achieved by selling to satisfied customers, who repeatedly purchase products at QVC. Further proof of the quality of services and products offered.

The Challenge

The teleshopping business is increasingly expanding online. For QVC, this means that their shop must scale flexibly and be able to handle both high traffic spikes and continuous growth, along with a constantly expanding product range. QVC’s most important requirements for their web shop upgrade were a major increase in shop capabilities, new intelligent search, and integration with QVC’s ERP backend systems. To accomplish this, the company commissioned Open Source specialist AOE, a Magento Enterprise Partner with extensive experience in E-Commerce and performance optimization.

The Solution

The solution developed by AOE relies on the Amazon Cloud for hosting and Searchperience for search and recommendation management. With the Amazon Cloud the web shop never runs out of capacity, even under extreme traffic peaks. For example, if a sales presentation on TV generates a traffic spike, more server capacity is deployed to the site in minutes so that it can continue to process orders. AOE also improved the shop’s front end so that pages render considerably faster.

AOE enabled an additional significant boost in performance by optimizing Magento caching, especially by utilizing Varnish. Since Varnish caches most of the pages, they can be displayed directly from the server’s main memory, resulting in extremely fast response times.

For a quick and clean implementation of the QVC project, AOE set up a continuous deployment pipeline. By continuously developing, testing and deploying many small changes instead of a few large ones, problems can be detected and dealt with sooner. The QVC.it web shop remained online at all times during development and did not need to be taken offline for new releases.

Business Benefits

  • The Open Source solution Magento Enterprise Edition helps improve performance
  • Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, the shop delivers high performance and scalability
  • Increased conversion rate thanks to the search- and recommendation engine Searchperience


In order to continue the success of the TV channel online, AOE used the Magento and Searchperience solutions to create a highly scalable, high-performance webs hop for QVC that offers customers the right products at the right time. The advantages are obvious – customers can examine products online at their leisure independent of TV scheduling, and place orders conveniently without being kept on-hold on the phone.

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