For Hankook Tire, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, the company's existing Content Management System (CMS) was replaced with TYPO3. Thanks to its high-quality Flash movie content and an integrated product-finder, the new web platform leaves a lasting impression.

Hankook Case Study
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TYPO3 utilized as both Content Management System (CMS) and marketing tool: Hankook Tire, one of the world’s key tire manufacturers, replaced its former CMS – developed in-house – with an Open Source solution based on TYPO3. The new CMS makes it possible to integrate and edit content online for the European market of the portal entirely independent of the company's South Korean HQ. Implemented as a multi-lingual company- and product presentation, the platform, available in English, German, Russian and Spanish as well as eight other languages, leaves a lasting impression – thanks to the use of cutting-edge web design, exciting Flash movie content and an integrated product-finder.


In the context of a redesign and technical implementation of Hankook's new European portal by AOE, the entire content needed to be migrated. The project also required a completely new structure, based on the latest developments in web usability. At the same time, a newly developed corporate design was applied to the company's Internet platform. The goal was to create a website which, on the one hand, would fittingly present the company's products in an appropriate setting and, on the other, would offer a wealth of practical information and useful web-tools to explore the world of Hankook Tires.


The new CMS replaced the previous solution. For the first time, Hankook staff can now correct, edit or upload content into the portal, without requiring any understanding of HTML. In addition, pictures can now be introduced or replaced without recourse to cumbersome uploading via an FTP client server.

To ensure a particularly dynamic site, high-resolution, animated Flash movies have been embedded in the landing page. The movies provide information about the advantages of Hankook's tires right from the start. The movies integrate seamlessly with the complete European marketing strategy. A user-focused search feature provides users with the most important information, and includes a customized tool to help find the right tire for a particular car.

For this purpose, the AOE team developed the "Tire Presenter": It includes all the necessary features for searching, finding, presenting and comparing tires, and allows access to almost 1,400 different versions of the 66 summer, winter and all-weather tires from five different categories. The customer can choose between the many different options to find the ideal tire and relevant information can be viewed in a detail box. In addition, the two most interesting models can then be chosen and compared side-by-side.

Alongside this interactive product catalog, the portal also features a variety of standard and customized modules available in the CMS, e.g. a news module was integrated into the Hankook portal for its comprehensive news area and FAQ page. In the Media Center visitors can see the latest TV ads and company presentations, while media reports from various trade fairs and motor shows can be watched as Flash movies.

Furthermore, thanks to a customized Google Maps integration, the exact location of the nearest dealer can be displayed to help potential customers find their local outlet.

Business Benefits

  • Tire comparison: Direct side-by-side comparison of selected tires using the special “Tire Presenter” feature
  • Media Center: Comprehensive media center offering a variety of downloadable marketing material, such as TV ads and company promos
  • Locations: Specially developed Google Maps-integrated Dealer Finder locates and displays the nearest deale


The new portal is a milestone for Hankook staff, saving time and reducing costs – thus offering a far higher ROI than the previous CMS. The particularly appealing use of integrated Flash animation enhances the “Hankook atmosphere” of the portal. The wealth of tire-oriented information, as well as the unique "Tire Presenter" offers users a complete service package. Intelligent user-guides and practical tools help potential customers to place an order with their own local dealer.

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