AOE implemented a portal for the T-Systems “Connected Car” business unit, in which special Car-Apps can be presented. The centerpiece of the implementation is Searchperience, a search solution based on Apache Solr.

Communicar Case Study
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Drivers who want to use their smartphone on the road for navigation, traffic information, or entertainment, can find out about available apps, free-of-charge, at www.communicar.de.


T-Systems approached AOE with the idea of a portal especially designed for finding usable car apps. The portal would also comprise an editorial magazine with information on mobile connectivity in cars, as well as mobility and greener driving, to supplement editors’ recommendations. However, there is an impossibly large number of car apps relevant to drivers for the iOS- and Android operating systems – a total of some 50,000. Accordingly, the original concept was extended to incorporate an intelligent, modern app search solution.


The core of the new portal is the CarApp Finder, which can be accessed with a conventional search field. AOE implemented Searchperience for this, an in-house search solution based on Apache Solr. The crawler, which does not need pre-structured data, is configured to search the iOS App Store and Android Market, and index, filter, and present applications that fit the search keywords. After entering the keyword – made easier by auto-complete – users see a list of results containing detailed information from the shop of the respective mobile operating system. Communicar editors can enrich this information whenever necessary.

Business Benefits

  • Searchperience: Searchperience makes it possible to filter by price, age limit or developer – features that go beyond the functionality of the App Store or Android Market. When users click on the download button, Communicar redirects them to the specific App store. As an alternative, an automatically generated QR code is also offered
  • Magazine: The website – the magazine – uses an article management system developed by AOE specifically for the portal, based on the Web Content Management System TYPO3
  • Ratings: Ratings are another way to filter the search results. Communicar offers a login for rating apps, either after registering on the portal or via an existing social media account


Communicar is a sophisticated app finder with numerous filter options, plus a high-quality online magazine.

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