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Bosch Rexroth, one of the world’s foremost specialists in the field of drive and control technologies, places its bets on leading open source technology from AOE by choosing TYPO3 and Searchperience.

Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics GmbH, one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies, deploys leading technology at www.aventics.com as well. With TYPO3, AOE has created a contemporary web portal for the manufacturer of industrial facilities that integrates seamlessly with Bosch Rexroth AG’s corporate communication portal.


One of the challenges was the migration of web content and templates from the already existing, outdated Content Management System (CMS) – no easy task, as content and templates were not available in a structured form. To accomplish this, AOE set up a modern markup framework that applied the existing design while giving an enormous performance boost. The better semantic code also optimizes the site for search engines.


To simplify user permissions administration for editors, AOE integrated with the Bosch active directory using an LDAP interface, so that authorized employees can use the new CMS with their existing company credentials. An easy-to-use tool that simplifies permission management is available for site administration.

A highlight of the project was the development of an API interface for AOE’s search solution Searchperience. The interface enabled developers of a parallel E-Commerce project to integrate with Searchperience. The result: The search functionality works seamlessly across both the portal and the new B2B E-Commerce platform.

The new portal combines content from various Bosch Rexroth sources and systems into a unified frontend to create an integrated suite of internet and extranet portals.

”Changes to our existing CMS were taking too much time, making our web infrastructure very expensive“, explained Rainer Kemmler, Rexroth Pneumatics marketing director in charge of external business process development. ”Thanks to the outstanding collaboration between AOE and our internal project team, we completed the migration right on time.”

Business Benefits

  • Significant reduction of total-cost-of-ownership
  • Search engine optimization through optimized code structure
  • Uniform global web portal for Bosch Rexroth AG


The new portal integrates seamlessly with the company’s overall web identity. The flexibility and user-friendliness of the CMS enables editors to make updates quickly. Incorporating Bosch’s active directory helps reduce maintenance costs while making permission management much easier to administer.

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