Zend Framework – The object-oriented Web application framework

Development of out-of-the-box Open Source Web Applications

The Zend framework is an object-oriented Open Source web application framework and is ideally suited for the development of high-performance PHP Web Applications. An advanced MVC-framework based on PHP 5, it features a dynamic and reliable development environment, while being highly flexible and very robust. Moreover, by applying the MVC-design this framework has a clean architecture and can be flexibly enhanced.

With Zend the functionality of PHP is increased to include the MVC-pattern, a search function, the ability to generate PDFs and numerous Web 2.0 functions.

Zend is already used in many areas, such as the popular shop software solution Magento Commerce and Shopware.

The most important benefits of the Zend framework at a glance:

  • High performance and continuous development
  • A mature and uniform programming structure
  • Stability through frequent testing
  • Enhanced expandability in all areas
  • Clean architecture due to the MVC-design

Using this framework AOE has already delivered demanding Open Source solutions, and a majority of AOE’s developers are Zend certified.

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