TYPO3 Flow for development of complex Web Applications

TYPO3 Flow, ehemals FLOW3, ist ein Open-Source Application-Framework zur Umsetzung umfassender PHP-Projekte. Darüber hinaus eignet sich Flow auch für andere moderne Open-Source-Anwendungen ohne CMS-Anbindung.

The TYPO3 Flow framework is a high-performance web application framework and was originally designed as the basis for the new TYPO3 Neos CMS. A distinct advantage of Flow is its ease of use. Complex Web Applications can be implemented easily and efficiently through the use of this PHP framework. 

AOP, DDD and DI with TYPO3 Flow, version PHP 5.3

TYPO3 supports current development approaches and methods, such as aspect-oriented programming (AOP), domain-driven-design (DDD) with layer architecture and dependency injection (DI).

By applying principles of AOP, complex web solutions can now be reduced to their necessary core content. Dependency injection (DI) reduces the rigid dependencies among objects in the source code. This facilitates programming and makes it easier for programmers to keep track, even when dealing with very complex projects.

By supporting these programming approaches, TYPO3 Flow is better suited for agile software development under PHP than other frameworks and also supports the model-view-controller programming concept.

TYPO3 Flow Project Group

Since its founding date, AOE has always been in close contact with the TYPO3 Flow project group. Among other things, AOE contributed to the project by developing numerous extensions and by adapting the new TYPO3 Neos CMS to specific customer requirements.

Using TYPO3 Flow AOE has already completed a lot of demanding projects.

If you have any questions regarding the TYPO3 Flow framework, please call us! Contact