Comprehensive Functions Out-of-the-box

The TYPO3 CMS is the first choice for your professional corporate website.

The Enterprise Open Source CMS is the ideal solution for global companies and corporations to design and efficiently manage extensive Internet platforms. The current version TYPO3 6.2 has an enormous scope while requiring no programming skills from its users.

TYPO3 Functions at a Glance:

Platform-independent website management and editing

Everything you need to manage your website, insert new content or exchange existing design templates is an Internet connection and a common web browser – regardless of operating system.

Well-organized tree structure

The tree structure in the backend bears a strong resemblance to the file manager directory structures known from many operating systems. This structure clearly maps the entire build of all websites contained in an existing installation. Create unlimited folders to store images, PDFs, etc., with which you can easily keep track.

Unique ID's

When creating a new web page a unique identification number (page ID) is automatically generated and entered into the database table in use. With this ID pages can be unambiguously identified and referenced. But, even content elements are determined by a unique ID and linked with the Page ID to the corresponding page. In this way you always know exactly where the content can be found.

Rich Text Editor (RTE)

The RTE is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor, with which you can format texts, insert images or set internal or external links. In its function it is comparable to common Word applications.

Frontend Editing

In addition to editing page content in the backend, content can also be edited directly in the frontend view. 

Defining different access rights and user groups

As a rule, sophisticated websites are maintained by several employees. Assign editors different access rights for this task. Each employee receives only those pages that are required for the specific task. At the same time user groups can be set up, such as the groups “editors” and “subject specialists”, who can create content or can control and edit it.

Numerous layouts und menus

TYPO3 knows virtually no limits when it comes to selecting and implementing templates. Use any number of different layouts on your website for the different areas of the page and optimally address your different target audiences visually at any time.

Automatic compliance with the design as well as menu creation

New texts automatically adjust to predefined layouts. When creating completely new pages, new and unique page IDs are also created. Based on these page IDs, content is integrated into the existing menu concept.

Integrated optimization of images

Optimally embed images on your website at all times. With the unique “GraphicsMagick” technology improperly scaled images are automatically corrected

Optimized source code and UTF-8 support

When creating websites TYPO3 automatically generates and optimizes error-free HTML-or XHTML-code that can be processed by every web browser. In addition to the Western character set, the Open Source CMS also supports all other character sets that conform to the UTF-8 norm, such as Cyrillic, Japanese or Chinese.


Currently, TYPO3 supports more than 50 languages in the backend and any number in the frontend. Thus, it is particularly suitable for the design and organization of multilingual websites. Administrators can create localizations for any number of languages, or use a multi-tree concept with multiple language threads.

Multisite management

Use TYPO3 to manage a limitless number, independent Internet-, intranet-, extranet and micro-sites within a single installation. In this manner you can reduce maintenance costs dramatically and sustainably. 

As a specialized and leading TYPO3 provider, AOE has already successfully implemented more than 1,500 Open Source projects worldwide for international companies and corporations.

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