TYPO3 Scalability & Performance

Flexibly adapt your website to changing requirements.

For global companies and corporations with a large amount of information and a high number of employees TYPO3 offers almost unlimited opportunities to be able to meet growing demands in the future.

Freely scalable Content Management System

Through scalable editorial- and administrative accounts with live- and design workspaces you can adapt the functional scope of TYPO3 to your actual Enterprise requirements at all times. Assign editors to task-specific user interfaces and functions, and set up specially adapted workflows for projects.

Scalability of TYPO3

Unlimited scalable software-based multi-domain capability

An unlimited number of complex, multi-lingual domains or websites for global companies and corporations can be implemented in a single TYPO3 installation.

Hardware scalability and performance optimization

Expand your IT infrastructure and individually adapt TYPO3 to increasing performance demands. A sophisticated caching system reduces server load to a minimum and always displays current websites regardless of amount of website traffic. Clustering and load distribution ensure highly available websites and an optimal CPU load distribution. 

Extending the core and integrating with 3rd party tools

Individually adapt your Enterprise web CMS to your specific business requirements with extensions, and integrate external software solutions from third-party providers into your Content Management System.

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