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The TYPO3 community – a strong collective with 100,000 members in 48 countries.

The TYPO3 community is comprised of more than 100,000 developers worldwide who continuously develop the Open Source CMS. The TYPO3 Association was founded in 2004; among other functions, it is responsible for the long-term, continued development of the CMS.

Jointly innovate Open Source software that makes it possible for people to communicate with one another . 

Kasper Skårhøj
TYPO3 Founder

Goals of the TYPO3 Association

  • Ensure future development of TYPO3 including quality assurance
  • Market TYPO3 as a product and a brand
  • Promote and improve communications among TYPO3 developers


The TYPO3 Association is financed from two sources:

  • Membership dues (main source)
  • Donations from companies and individuals

The association has several membership levels, which also determine the amount of membership dues: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Donations are another important source of income for the association. They are necessary to ensure that TYPO3 can be developed further and improved in the future. For this purpose, the TYPO3 Association is active in fundraising at trade fairs, congresses and user days. Interested parties can donate directly at Kian Gould, founder and managing director of AOE, is currently responsible for fundraising for the T3 Association.

The Core Development Team

The TYPO3 Association heads the so called “T3 Core Team”. The T3 Core Team, which currently consists of more than 30 core developers, is responsible for the ongoing technical development of TYPO3. The current version of the Open Source CMS is TYPO3 6.2

The core members or core developers continuously work on optimizing the core program, but are not responsible for ongoing development of extensions. Extension quality can therefore vary quite strongly, as any person or organization outside the association can develop own extensions and publish them in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

The Organization of Joint Development

This is provided through numerous mailing lists and the following annual events at which developers and other interested parties meet for lectures, workshops and general information exchange:

  • T3 Conference
  • T3 Developer Days
  • T3 Snowboard Tour

In addition, numerous other TYPO3 events exist, e.g. T3 User Days, T3 Bar Camps or T3 User Group Meetings.

Additional TYPO3 Information

TYPO3 Agencies and Service Providers

There is a multitude of specialized TYPO3 service providers in Germany, who have extensive know-how in developing and implementing sophisticated TYPO3 websites and -extensions. Members listed by the TYPO3 Association have close connections to the T3 community. Customers can thus benefit by rapid technical advancements and problem solving as well as high-quality solutions.

As a Platinum Member AOE is also a listed service provider of the TYPO3 Association. Learn more about us and our services and read the AOE company profile .

You will find an overview of the most important TYPO3 service providers, sorted by country, here:



Numerous books about TYPO3 exist in trade literature. The scope ranges from basic knowledge to professional programming.


The most important German-language TYPO3 periodical is the “t3n-Magazin”. Its focus is primarily on TYPO3 and related topics . 

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