Spryker and AOE – a perfect fit

Spryker is designed for fast-paced, agile companies that compete in a digital environment. The commerce platform for ambitious market players is especially well-suited for non-standard digital business models and follows the dictum that “you cannot solve 21st century commerce problems with 20th century technology.”

With its modular framework Spryker offers fast-growing, fast-moving enterprises a state-of-the-art solution for their commerce needs. Spryker enables manufacturers and retailers to utilize a high degree of customization and agility at all process levels. Companies with non-standard E-Commerce projects also profit from Spryker’s framework, because it offers extensive custom-built functionality from the outset, thus avoiding the additional costs and effort often brought on by having to replace standard functionalities with customized ones during a traditional project. Spryker’s motto:

There is no standard software for a non-standard business

is reflected in more than 100 custom-built technology implementations that satisfy vastly divergent needs of market-leading enterprises. The development of the solution was driven by a focus on:

  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Ability to execute

Companies benefit by reduced implementation budgets, faster time-to-market and lowered project risk due to flexible, customized integration into existing IT-infrastructures. With its agile framework, Spryker can be rapidly implemented and is ideally suited for continuous development.

Further Benefits

  • Proven commerce technology
  • Solid, lightweight architecture
  • Fits sophisticated custom requirements

E-Commerce is undergoing a fundamental shift

E-Commerce marketing is shifting towards
dominant technology companies, category
leaders and disruptive business models.

Spryker Systems

Spryker is meeting this challenge with an approach that satisfies both technology and business requirements of any company. Whether pure-players, marketplaces or multichannel enterprises, with Spryker companies can create value through the responsiveness, agility, and data understanding that is needed to adapt business- and innovation processes to ever-shorter market cycles – and to thus create a decisive competitive edge.

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