Powerful search functions for rapid search results

An intelligent search function often decides if visitors become customers. The professional search solution Searchperience turns search results into a search experience.

Searchperience from AOE offers numerous advantages that help companies save time, resources and costs when implementing a website search solution. AOE operates the search function as a cloud solution – companies benefit from higher search performance. In addition, this approach decreases the burden of the corporate IT infrastructure. The search itself takes place on high-performance AOE servers in the dedicated private cloud, which means that no installations or implementations are required by the company. Searchperience can be flexibly adjusted to the demands of your company and quickly achieves search results.

Searchperience Functions at a Glance

Intelligent Crawler

The intelligent Searchperience crawler automatically and regularly indexes and analyzes your website and requires no XML data. Page semantics and different page types are recognized automatically.

Facets and Filters

With the faceted search function search results can be further refined. The search is based on different product characteristics, which lead to unique search results. This function, based on AJAX technology can achieve extremely fast search results.

Live Search and Autocomplete

The live search function uses the autocomplete feature to suggest matching results to users already during search entry. Information is thus easier and much faster to find.

Recommendation Engine

In addition to displaying the pure search results, the Recommendation Engine also provides the option to integrate similar or personalized search results. These in turn can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

Search Analytics

Searchperience comprises extensive possibilities to analyze user behavior. Among other features, information regarding the use of filters and terms most often used can be provided for analysis.


You can actively and directly influence the ranking of the search results on your website. To increase the success of your marketing campaigns, you can define dedicated results pages for specific searches.

Fault-tolerant Search

Automatic correction of spelling errors and typos. Should a search fail to return a search result, Searchperience suggests what could be meant.

Flexible Layouts

Complete flexibility in the design of the structure and display of search results, autocompletes, filters, etc., thus ensuring seamless integration into the corporate design of websites and web shops.

Search as a Service (SaaS)

As a SaaS solution the search is on high-performance servers of AOE and relieves the IT infrastructure of your company. AOE assumes the entire hosting and operation of the solution, which makes the search extremely powerful.

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