Searchperience Architecture

The Searchperience Architecture provides an individual indexing pipeline for each project to ensure the best possible search results.

The search solution Searchperience, based on Apache Solr, was developed by AOE and offers a number of powerful features. Searchperience comprises unsurpassed functionality – for example, AOE is currently the only Search-as-a-Service provider in the market that can implement a search completely without the use of XML files. This is achieved by merely integrating an HTML snippet in the website or online shop, which helps to significantly decrease implementation time and makes Searchperience an extremely fast and service-oriented solution.

The Searchperience Architecture at a Glance

So that the most relevant content on the results list can be prominently positioned, the crawler analyzes and calculates page-internal rankings based on a rest API, by examining all data files – both structured and unstructured – as well as rich data. In addition, the relevancies themselves can be individually controlled by assigning special factors that prominently position your page or product for the ranking. The entire search is implemented on powerful, cloud-based AOE servers, which ensures a continuously high performance. Searchperience comprises functions such as live search, which already displays matching results during the search. Integrated search analytic tools make it possible to analyze the search behavior of customers in detail and to optimally adjust the search to the specific target audience. As an integrated search solution on websites and web shops, a constant exchange of information takes place via API between the CMS and Searchperience, resulting in current and rapid search results at all times.

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