Enterprise Search with Searchperience

Searchperience is a powerful Enterprise search solution for websites and E-Commerce portals and achieves optimal search results, even for large amounts of data, through its numerous functions.

Extensive “Internet surfing” is a thing of the past. Being able to quickly and efficiently find business-critical content has therefore become a decisive competitive factor for companies. An intelligent search function can decide whether visitors can be converted to customers. The professional search engine Searchperience turns finding information into the ultimate search experience.

Corporate data is rapidly available and always transparent for every user at any time – thanks to the Enterprise search solution Searchperience. The search engine helps optimize business processes, thus positively influencing customer satisfaction. Based on Apache Solr / Lucene Searchperience is a stable and high-performance search engine for websites and online shops – even for large data sets and complex search queries, and in addition to numerous Enterprise search functions includes a number of high-quality search functionalities to help businesses save time, resources and costs.

“Searchperience” as an Independent Solr Search Solution

With Searchperience AOE has developed an intelligent crawler that – similar to Google – is able to analyze and index in-house or third-party sites. Among other capabilities, the crawler makes it possible to index external shops or microsites and find them accordingly in a unified search – even across multiple domains, countries or languages.

Numerous global businesses already rely on the search solution Searchperience from AOE.

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