Searchperience is the perfect tool to improve conversion rates in your online store or increase customer interaction with your website. Searchperience helps your customers easily find content with the help of a reliable search solution and discover new content through adaptive search results and recommendations.In addition, Searchperience can give you insights into what customers are searching for and how the conduct their search, so that you can make informed business decisions.

Search Analytics

Understand how your customers search and what they are looking for. These valuable insights help you make informed decisions

Powerful APIs

Searchperience’s customizable APIs allow you to configure a wide range of options for searching

Customizable Search

Not all content is the same, and not all users search in the same way. Searchperience adapts to your specific needs

What is Searchperience?

Searchperience is a powerful enterprise search and recommendation engine for websites and portals. Searchperience can be used in a variety of scenarios, from E-Commerce sites to video platforms. It can handle almost any kind of data. International companies and corporations, which need support for a large number of languages, benefit the most from using Searchperience as their search solution of choice.

Numerous global companies, such as Panasonic, Heathrow Airport, Sony and others already rely on Searchperience to make searching their websites easier.

Benefits of Searchperience


Find anything from the catalog directly from the search bar with results that update in real time


Allow customers to refine search results by attributes such as date, price, location and more


Deliver personalized recommendations based on product similarity or by analyzing customer search history


Engage customers or promote content by adding a specific group of products to any section on your website


Show customers available real-time computed faceting options based on search results


Get valuable insights into what customers are searching, clicking and buying

Typo Tolerance

Help customers find the content they are looking by automatically correcting spelling errors


Intelligent analysis of customers’ interactions influences the sorting of search results


Deliver up-to-date information by swiftly processing changes in product’s price, stock or other data

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