Customers don’t spend a lot of time “surfing” in the Internet anymore. A key success factor for companies is therefore that business-relevant content can be found quickly and easily. Searchperience is a powerful, personalized search and recommendation engine for websites and E-Commerce portals, which is capable of delivering optimal search results even when processing large volumes of data and during traffic peaks. Thus, Searchperience can ensure a significant increase of your conversion rate. 

High Performance

The powerful features of Searchperience guarantee that you can play in enterprise search’s premier league.

Intelligent Crawler

The intelligent crawler automatically indexes and analyzes your website on a regular basis.

Resource Friendly

Cloud computing lowers the burden on your IT resouces; save time and money

What is Searchperience?

Numerous global companies, such as Panasonic, Fraport or Sony already rely on the Enterprise search solution Searchperience from AOE.

Searchperience is especially suited for use in websites of international companies and corporations, particularly when numerous local sites with a large number of languages need to be operated. With Searchperience you can upgrade your online platform and gain new customers. Based on Apache Solr / Lucene, Searchperience offers a stable enterprise search solution – even when processing large volumes of data or complex search queries. The search runs on high-performance servers of AOE and relieves the IT infrastructure of your company. AOE takes over the entire hosting and operation of the solution. 

Benefits of Searchperience

Live Search / Autocomplete

When using live search, users receive matching results while entering their search query through autocomplete.

Facets and Filters

With the facetted search, search results can be further refined

Recommendation Engine

The engine can display pure and personalized search results

Flexible Layouts

Complete flexibility when designing structure and display of search results, autocompletes, filters, etc.


In this section you can manage your search and find out about your search statistics

Search Analytics

Searchperience provides numerous options to analyze user behavior

Search Widgets

With this feature, content from the search index can be output as flexible content on the website

Positioned Search Results

You can actively and purposefully influence the ranking of the search results of your website

Fault-tolerant Search

Automatic correction of spelling errors and typos

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