Saving. Searching. Analyzing. Essentially, these are the main tasks of the database search engine Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is used to simplify the full-text search and to analyze the data – all in real time.

Real-Time Search & Analysis

With Elasticsearch you get all the necessary data in real time – and can analyze it immediately

Scalable and Highly Available

Due to its distributed structure, Elasticsearch can process enormous amounts of data, easily make the data available and grow with your requirements

Elasticsearch as a Service

Simple Installation – users can have Elasticsearch up and running within minutes and index first documents

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Apache Lucene and implemented in Java. According to DB Engines, Elasticsearch is currently the most popular database search engine in the world. In addition to Solr, Elasticsearch is the most widely used search server. Due to its architecture, Elasticsearch is particularly well suited for dynamic cloud environments. With Elasticsearch you can:

  • Optimize your Business: The combination of a powerful search engine and the capability to analyze complex queries in real time, will change the quality of your data and help you improve your products
  • Scale your Search Functionality at will: Nodes can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure with ease. The Elasticsearch clusters recognize new or remote Nodes automatically and organize your data accordingly
  • Increase Data Security: Changes in documents are noted in transaction logs on multiple nodes – thus significantly reducing the danger of data loss
  • Optimize your Full-text Search: Elasticsearch supports searches in numerous languages and locatons. Additional features: “Did-you-mean” suggestions and autocomplete

Benefits of Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch is fast and powerful


Elasticsearch is a well-engineered solution that you can count on, regardless of the IT environment


Data is stored in the form of structured JSON documents – this makes it possible to answer even complex queries extremely quickly 


You can adapt Elasticsearch to your liking


 Elasticsearch is especially suited to use in distributed,heterogeneous IT environments

Open Source

Elasticsearch can be implemented out-of-the-box without complex configuration

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