OroCRM – Tools for Sales

The personalized customer experience is the focus of OroCRM. The solution helps businesses align CRM with business processes.

Features of OroCRM tools for sales include:

  • Sales management – The core of OroCRM helps companies manage accounts across multiple channels and campaigns. Features include:
    • Contacts and accounts management with maps and weather
    • Lead, Contact and accounts tracking
    • Tracking of customer calls, E-mails and tasks
    • Pipeline management
  • Organization managementOroCRM provides a flexible platform to manage multiple business units, sales channels and users across multiple territories. Oro’s pre-defined admin tool helps businesses understand and track data and create their own workflows. Capabilities:
    • Multibusiness pipeline management
    • Multiple- and single store management
    • Customized B2B- and B2C-workflows within the same implementation
  • Multichannel sales workflow Multichannel companies are different than B2B businesses, which is why OroCRM offers a sales workflow designed for companies doing multichannel business. Data such as customer information, sales history and abandoned shopping carts is combined to create sales flows that optimize conversion rates
  • Sales productivity With the on-board OroCRM productivity tools sales pipeline management has never been easier. The browser-like interface was designed specifically with sales professionals in mind. Tools include:
    • Calendar management
    • Notes
    • Tasks
    • Reminders
    • Support ticketing
    • Case management