OroCRM – Tools for Marketing

Multichannel segmentation helps retailers customize and manage marketing campaigns across a variety of channels.

Key features of OroCRM tools for marketing include:

  • Customer segmentation – Helps retailers filter, segment and view customer data across multiple datasets to create a single, 360-degree view of the customer. Segmentation is displayed across all channels and can be viewed at any data point. Companies benefit from being able to set priorities and take action on the most promising opportunities first. Targeted marketing ability increases conversion rates and helps optimizes the customer’s experience. Features include:
    • Creating specific customer segments
    • Advanced data selection
    • Extensive filter options
    • Creation of marketing personas
    • Customer behavior tracking
    • Customer satisfaction and engagement metrics
  • Data integrationCompanies can import customer data, orders and shopping carts from other systems. OroCRM displays the data across multiple channels and campaigns. OroCRM integrates with various commerce platforms including:
    • Magento
    • Hybris
    • Shopify
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
  • Reporting and dashboards Extensive out-of-the-box capabilities enable companies to maximize campaign efforts and create all necessary and relevant reports. Dashboards provide views of the most important information. Multiple dashboards are possible. Items included in the dashboard, among others:
    • Quick links to leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts
    • Opportunities by source
    • Opportunities by stage (wins, losses, in progress)
    • Calendar
    • Calls and E-mails
  • Campaigns Every campaign includes an identifier so results can be analyzed separately for each campaign. OroCRM provides summary reports with campaign KPIs and timeline displaying events during the campaign lifecycle