OroCRM – Open Source CRM for E-Commerce

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Which one a business chooses depends upon individual requirements such as company size, whether a B2B- or B2C solution is needed, whether the primary focus is on marketing or sales, or which features create the biggest business benefits, to name but a few. Until now, there was no Open Source CRM solution for E-Commerce available that was easy-to-use, flexible and reliable.

Oro set out to change this. The result is OroCRM, a customer relationship management tool designed specifically for commerce and equally at home in the marketing and sales arenas. OroCRM, like Akeneo, is built on the Oro Platform, an Open Source business application platform. Developed in PHP5 and using the Symfony2 framework, OroCRM can be seamlessly integrated with numerous commerce platforms such as Magento, Amazon and eBay.

OroCRM provides a better understanding of customers across multiple channels, which makes individualized marketing possible, helps improve sales productivity and centralizes all communications efforts.

E-Commerce businesses benefit from a comprehensive set of features, including numerous software tools and Enterprise-level service support

Because no two businesses are alike, OroCRM can be individually customized, allowing companies to personalize sales and marketing campaigns and giving them the capability to implement exactly those features that they really need.

The systems' numerous features include a single view of the customer, enabling segmentation based on customer preferences, thus helping businesses to better understand their customers' needs.

Companies that want to focus on building their business and not their IT infrastructure have access to continuous SLA and SaaS support. Services include server management, extension implementation and simplified deployment.

For more than 15 years, AOE has been committed to the Open Source philosophy, implementing more than 1,200 projects worldwide. In order to offer its customers state-of-the-art Enterprise web solutions, AOE integrates current third-party applications that can be individually customized and that are also built on Open Source technology.

Key features of OroCRM:

  • Tools for marketing – Multichannel segmentation helps retailers customize and manage marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. Key tools:
    • Customer segmentation
    • Data integration
    • Reporting and dashboards
    • Tools for campaigns
  • Tools for salesThe core of the OroCRM solution is a single view of the customer across all sales campaigns and channels. The system helps businesses align their CRM efforts with business processes. Features:
    • Sales management
    • Organization management
    • Multichannel sales workflow
    • Sales productivity
  • Tools for developers OroCRM is built on the Open Source Oro business application platform, which is integrated into an extensive ecosystem of developers and partners. The main benefits of OroCRM for developers:
    • Built on Oro Platform
    • Oro Marketplace
    • Open Source