SOA Backbone

AOE implements high performing and scalable architectures for the integration of internal systems in cloud solutions using the flexible and extendable SOA backbone.

Companies need robust IT-infrastructure solutions to benefit from SOA, such as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that enables cross-platform communications between different systems and applications, thus ensuring interoperability of all integrated systems.

Mule ESB functions as a backbone for complex SOA-architectures and lays the foundation for all infrastructures required for SOA applications. In its function as a central interface, Mule provides all tools for the interoperability of different applications with various protocols and message formats. Due to its nature as Open Source software, it is possible to integrate all Web Applications in the SOA-architecture – which greatly reduces the complexity of IT infrastructures. Mule ESB already includes a wealth of ready-to-use interfaces for integrating a large variety of applications and cloud architectures, such as SAP, or Amazon S3. Beyond that it’s possible to program additional interfaces to further extend the range of applications that can be integrated.

The SOA-Architecture of Mule ESB at a glance

Implementing Mule ESB as an SOA backbone offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible system integration
    A multitude of predefined interfaces and modules enables the integration of existing Web Applications with existing infrastructures and web architectures with minimal initial investment.
  • Strong Performance
    Being a central element of Enterprise IT, Mule ESB’s strong approach to caching, high scalability and limitless extendibility meets the needs of even the most demanding requirements. In case of increased traffic, workload of individual applications can be flexibly distributed to other areas within the ESB using the “in-memory-data-grid”.
  • Open Source
    Open source code makes it possible to integrate Mule ESB in other SOA third-party technologies and to connect via Open Source standards, such as SOAP, XML, WDSL, JMS, J2EE, JAX-RPC.
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