Application Orchestration with Mule

Control and optimize communications between Web Applications with orchestration tools, and match all components of your SOA-architecture perfectly to one another.

SOA is an approach to develop and structure complex Enterprise systems through the integration of various individual solutions under a common umbrella. Through the orchestration all integrated systems are compiled and optimally tuned to each other. The goal here is to reduce complexity through the use of standardized interfaces (APIs) and as a result lower costs and maintenance needs. The orchestration-tier shows the business processes and rules within the SOA and controls the communication between integrated applications.

Optimize your business processes and reduce your costs

Through the optimum harmonization of all systems, business processes can be carried out faster and more efficiently – companies benefit from lower costs and improved communications between Enterprise IT-systems. Faster development times result in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and shortened time to market.

The Mule Enterprise Service Bus is an effective tool for application orchestration. Using the Open Source API, complex IT-architectures can be created, which can be flexibly enhanced and seamlessly connected with Web Applications. This also means that it’s ideally suited for the integration of cloud solutions in existing system infrastructures.

Application orchestration provides all tools required for a cross-applications communication system.

Mule ESB – The right platform for Application Orchestration and SOA

Integration platforms, such as Mule ESB, fundamentally facilitate the coordination and collaboration between different systems within complex systems architectures. Mule ESB enables the seamless integration of Web Applications, such as, SAP or Amazon S3. AOE implements the Open Source ESB Mule within complex IT-infrastructures and in doing so achieves a significant reduction of their complexity.

AOE has already implemented complex SOA-architectures for companies operating on a global scale.

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