System integration with Mule ESB

Flexible Open Source systems integration of internal and cloud-based solution.

Technological progress has opened up greater possibilities for companies to seamlessly interconnect their internal IT systems and reduce their complexity. Due to the increased movement of data and services to the cloud, these systems now need corresponding interfaces to ensure automated and error-free communication with each other.

Mule ESB is currently the most-used Enterprise Service Bus and with its integrated API functions as an interface to integrate external cloud systems, such as Amazon S3, Salesforce, SAP or social media platforms, into websites and online shops. Maintenance of these systems is improved markedly and offers valuable cost advantages because, through the use of cloud services, server and server-management costs can be significantly reduced.

Mule ESB offers the following functions (among others):

  • Provisioning of services and hosting – Use and hosting of reusable services
  • Security – Comprehensive security functions for message formats
  • Message control – Controlling, filtering, connecting and sorting messages based on content and rules
  • Data transformation – Exchange data with different formats and protocols

As a global provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions, AOE not only builds complex web- and E-Commerce portals but also integrates external systems for an optimal performance of web- and Mobile Applications. In doing so we apply agile development methods, such as test-driven development, which enable us to quickly deliver first results. AOE always strives to build solutions that are customized to your needs, are extendable, scalable and low-maintenance.

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